Working in a Business Center

Over a week ago I started working in a business center. When I gave the news to my friends of the new job, they all asked the same question: What does a business center do?  From that moment, I understood that despite the fact that business centers are a current alternative for many companies, their meaning and function has not reached the entire population.

Although I had a general idea of their functions, I did not even know the amount of services and advantages that this type of company provides you. In just six days I have understood that in addition to managing the different offices and rooms, they also receive calls from each company that is part of the business. They can enjoy the secretarial and administrative service, even have the option of hiring the virtual office, which allows them to use the address as commercial address of the business in addition to the social and fiscal domiciliation. Therefore they can count on many resources and all of them at an available price for any type of company.

Elige WorkPlace is the business center where I have started working. It is important to highlight the most striking aspects that make the difference. The environment and flexibility are two important factors to create a good work environment. This business center is open to look for alternatives with their clients and to generate a productive and familiar environment. Second, the absence of advertising and publicity. In none of the offices there are signs promoting the business center, in my opinion an advantage or benefit for those customers who make this place their office. Finally, I would stick out the simplicity and discretion that surround the Elige team; two essential and necessary characteristics to make this space a shared place to all those who are part of it.

Nowadays, business centers are the ideal alternative to those who dream about starting their own company.

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