To undertake using your head

In this new post we will question how and why it is important to start something using your head. Every day new entrepreneurs emerge, start their projects and enter the labor market without really having valued it meticulously. You always have to be encouraged and take some risks but… Do you know what factors influence the entrepreneurship of a new business? The answer is that the majority invests and undertakes, without first questioning the myriad of agents that intervene.

“90% of the companies that are created do not survive due to lack of training in business management or because they do not know enough about the sector,” says Javier Sanz, director of the Business Entrepreneurship Master of the Complutense University of Madrid.

Passion, sacrifice and desire are essential factors to carry out a project, but they are not the only ones. It is important to have your feet on Earth and study everything that the market seeks and builds. According to the online newspaper Libre Mercado (free market), the rate of entrepreneurship in Spain has risen above France, Italy or Germany. It is undeniable that this last data is encouraging, but it would be necessary to study how many projects achieve success, or at least how many of them survived.

Nowadays new alternatives are emerging in an ongoing way that help you to direct your project. Undoubtedly the economic factor is one of those that can make a project fail if you do not have an initial business model or previous planning. One of those last alternatives have been the business centers, from where calls, mail or even the visits of your new clients are managed. It is an economic and effective way to manage your business by putting some aspects in the hands of professionals who know the procedures and have the resources. As a recommendation, it is essential to be helped by those who have training, and this type of company will help you to know how to manage everything you do not know at first.

Before I conclude, we must encourage all those who have new businesses in mind. Undertake and show off the projects that have a vision of the future. Entrepreneurship is synonymous to risk but also to win and learn, you just have to know and research the market, take into account the factors that influence your business and take advantage of the alternatives and opportunities that the business world offers you.  To undertake, but using your head!

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