The Location does matter

Working in one of the most emblematic areas of the capital is a luxury at the height of many, you just have to find out how and how much. Possibly an immense majority would consider the possibility of forming a business on a street like Serrano or Velázquez far away. It is unquestionable the prestige that this location gives to the business, for that reason today and we always say that the location does matter.

Its wide streets and avenues, its variety of shops and stores, the monuments that dress them, the charm of its old buildings and its easy access from any point of the city, make the Salamanca district an exceptional area where to start a business. The surroundings of this neighborhood reflect a good quality of life.

Who would not like to work in an area like this? It is likely that even the mood and personal attitude of the worker will influence whether the area in which he works is to his liking or not. The streets of Velázquez and Serrano are two areas where you are never alone, they are always crowded with business people who have lunch or walk around. There is no trade or service that is missing and it is a privilege to have an office that is located in the area.

The business center of Elige Workplace was born in the cradle of the privileged area of ​​the Salamanca district. The first office that opened was on Velázquez Street. All those who are part of the business agree that their choice was influenced by its extraordinary location among other factors that define Elige Workplace. Keep in mind that the environment around you will influence the type of clientele of your business and in our case all that are part of the business center follow the same philosophy and line of work.

The location of the offices of Elige Workplace is the perfect opportunity to form your business at an affordable price in a suitable area.


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