Velázquez Gallery

Office rent Velazquez: The following image gallery shows some pictures of our facilities in the offices of 15th Velázquez street. This Business Center is located in one of the best areas of Madrid city center, such as the downtown neighborhood of Salamanca, very closed to the well known Retiro park. Fully equipped and with a state-of-the-art communication system, the facilities are prepared for professional use. We invite you to visit our business center.

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  • office rent Velazquez

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In E-Workplace, we are committed to a modern and clean corporate image, decorating our spaces with light and soft tones and small touches of color. Wood, metal or glass are materials that abound in the decoration of our offices and rooms, which have professional but simple furniture that not only combines aesthetics and design, but also bets on functionality and comfort.

Our Centers have offices for private use by our clients as well as common spaces such as our equipped office and rest or dining area, the reprography and filing room, or the waiting room next to the reception. In turn, shared use spaces, such as meeting rooms, are equipped with TVs and blackboards; or the offices for hourly use, furnished and conditioned for any meeting, interview or professional session.

The facilities are designed to offer an updated work space but without losing all those classic elements that give character to the building, such as its wooden floors or original doors and windows that let natural light into our spaces, something essential to create an optimal work environment for the professionals and companies that use the Business Center.

If you need to see more of our facilities, please check out more office rent Velazquez images in our social media profiles, like our Google My Business pages or contact our staff to visit the facilities at Velazquez Street.