I already have my own business…But where?

I have finally made the decision, after many years working for others and having to adapt to the requirements of the bosses and the standards of the companies in which I have worked, I have taken the step and set up my own business. How much illusion, how many ideas, how much uncertainty … Yes, yes, I am without fixed salary every month, but this cannot go wrong, I have a lot of experience, I know many people in the sector and I have a name on the market and countless customers who have known me for a long time.

When I started to carry out all the administrative procedures, although they have improved the system, one discovers that, from the beginning, they do not make it easy for you. You start paying taxes from the first day, they tell you about certain obligations that the company has to fulfill, obligations and issues that no one has ever explained to you before, or if they have done so theoretically. All the material and equipment that they delivered to you in the companies in which you worked to begin in your position, they are no longer; Stationery, computer or specific tools, business cards, brochures … In addition, you discover that you need the services attached to a business, necessary to give viability to the project: marketing, accounting, billing …, and a workplace or space where you can give more identity to my new company.

At first you feel a sense of loneliness; You could not imagine how many things you have to occupy. I had always thought that dominating everything about the business would be enough to make the business work, and despite the advice and information I have been able to hear and read, my intention was to take care of everything. But right away, I realized that to consolidate my business I have to support other people or expert companies in the areas that I do not dominate. For accounting, taxes and administrative management, there are agencies or consultancies. For my corporate image, marketing and advertising agencies and, if I think of all the administrative work, is another task in which to occupy a lot of time …, time that should be devoted to developing the business.

And apart from all these new areas and jobs that I must occupy or outsource, I find another need, where will I have my company?

As a first option is working from home, if I have enough space, of course. It is the most economical option, apart from the rent I should pay, I do not have to assume the expenses of maintenance and services generated by an office or workspace. The problem with this solution comes when you have to receive a client or you have to hold a meeting.

But if I want to have a greater presence as a company, I have to rent an office, where I have everything necessary to develop the business exclusively and with a good corporate image. This implies a very high initial cost and difficult to assume, unless you already have a turnover that justifies that investment. Rent, electricity, heating, air conditioning, furniture, taxes and, if I want to keep it active throughout the day, I will have to think at least of having a person to attend when I am not. Well you do not need to be an economist to know the burden this entails for starting a business.

And, as a third option, is a very widespread solution in recent times, although it is still unknown to many people, which are the Business Centers. In them you can have, from a commercial or fiscal address, your own office with everything necessary to start with your business from the first day, since they include all the necessary supplies and infrastructure, with a telephone number of its own, with a receptionist who attends your calls in a personalized way and receives your customers when they come to visit you.
The truth is that this option offered me the possibility of having my corporate headquarters, at the same level as any of my competitors and at a totally adjusted cost and in accordance with the needs of a business that is starting.

The truth is that discovering the Business Center, specifically Elige WorkPlace, not only gave me a space with a desk or meeting table, now I can say that I was solved the dilemma of where I will have my company. I am in one of the best places in Madrid, I have an exclusive office or a meeting room when I need it, I have a receptionist who attends to my clients, with professionalism and efficiency and even found within the center, the accounting and marketing collaborations that my project needed. And although you do not believe it, for only € 70 a month!

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