Dear Woman, this is your office.

Dear woman,

Welcome to the business world where every day will be a whole new adventure and the challenges will have to be faced with a smile. Where days of meetings and phone calls will be long and heels at the end of the day will become heavier.

Welcome also to personal growth and independence. Welcome to your office, that big one, is the one you deserve, with those views of the city centre that will help that coffee that awakes you every morning feel better. Each day will be different and each day will bring something new. Every day, step by step, you will overcome all those difficulties that you are worrying about today.

You will be proud of your achievements, and you should, you will have worked very hard to achieve them. We know that the business world made you fight harder to get here. It is true, it never was easy. But dear woman, the merit of having arrived here is uniquely yours. You have been able to overcome your fears in order to feel your success; you knew how to be strong and hardworking, and knew you needed to know your self-worth.

This is your office. The window you will look through every morning, that receptionist who will open the door with a big smile every morning, the mess on your table because of all the projects you still have to do and the calls from grateful customers. All yours, it is only yours.

Congratulations, because it has taken years of a constant effort to get the woman to enjoy the opportunity to work, to earn salary and enjoy economic freedom. And, after all the years of struggle, here you are. And thanks to all those women who believed in their ideals today you are here, excited and with many projects yet to be discovered.

Dear woman, fight, never settle. You are the result of the effort of a young woman, who opted for her studies, the one who trusted in her work, who wanted to spend extra hours in the office because she wanted that promotion, and believed in her abilities, and in herself. If you have managed to overcome all these barriers, do not hesitate to fight for what is awaiting.

 Welcome woman to the business world, this is your office.

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